building A Brand-new platform for
passive house association
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By combining our expertise in web design and web development, we crafted a beautiful web platform for the newly formed Finnish Passive House Association.

- Web Platform Development - Visual Design - User Experience Design

The Idea

The idea is simple: very well constructed and thermally insulated buildings which use the solar radiation from the windows and the heat lost by occupants and appliances to reduce the energy demand.

After its first introduction in central Europe, the concept of Passive House has gained popularity from all around the world, especially among developed countries such as Sweden, Canada, Australia etc…Many passive houses have been constructed, tested and replicated everywhere. Today when global warming is not anymore a threat but a problem to deal with, Passive House becomes a solution that individuals and households can have to join the fight to save our planet. 

Meanwhile, in Finland such an association has not yet firmly existed  even though the country always stays on the top of energy-efficient technologies. Therefore, our client took the initiative by establishing the Finnish Passive House Association.

The Association promotes the international Passive House standard, by sharing the best know-how and connecting those who seek for solutions with those who have energy-saving products to offer.

Aurora Digital team had a pleasure to collaborate with our client on such a meaningful mission – building a web platform that promotes the concept of Passive House in Finland. The result is a clean, elegant, comprehensive and easily administrative website that captures the spirit of the first Finnish Passive House Association.

Aurora Digital Passive House Venn Diagram 4

One Platform to unify the Passive House movement in Finland

The entire Finnish Passive House association is unified on one platform with their latest projects, news, partners and events.

Dynamic Template for Custom Post Type

Post Types are “types of content”, grouped in a structured way within WordPress. Although WordPress comes with a few default post types, there is still a myriad of different types of content that do not fit well into those specific post types. To better optimize and display various content, for this specific project, we built several Custom Post Types tailored only for Passive House Association, including Member, Project, and Event pages.

For each Custom Post Type, we created a list of necessary Advanced Custom Fields and designed an appealing Custom Template. While Advanced Custom Fields allows our client to add extra content fields to a particular Custom Post Type, Custom Templates define the design and layout for that Custom Post Type.
As a result, the client only have to input the needed information into the text fields, choose the images they want to show for a Member/ Project/ Event and then, a compelling web-page will be dynamically generated for them in one click. Easy and trouble-free!



Dynamic listing of passive house projects which are displayed on a map. 


Beautifully designed newspaper-esque presentation of news articles 


Dynamic events which takes into account of time. The platform shows upcoming events and dynamically hides passed events.


Dynamic listing of partners with an easy to use form for adding more members.

Slides with style

Dark Navy Blue is the color code for this website design. Since the Passive House Association is a new player in the Finnish market, we wanted to express their crucial message of trustworthy, reliability and professionalism to their audiences. Moreover, blue is the national color for their target users – Finnish citizens. It will help to evokes users with a confident and comfortable tone in the brand.

Member list

We focused on the user experiences and attempted to make the website most accessible for them. Thus, we displayed either Member list or Project list for the Showcase. This helps the website visitors get all the needed information with just a glance.

Project Map

The users can browse through the project list or easily locate projects in a world map. 

Blog as Magazine-layout

A modern way of displaying blogs that capture readers’ attention.

Event list

Old events are automatically archived and hidden from view. In that way, we can allow users to see what is more relevant to them.


Show, don’t tell!

Display text in a collapsed, condensed manner, letting you save space while still presenting an abundance of content.
With the Accordion, visitors can scan the item titles, and choose to expand an item only if it is of interest.


"We came to this project with little idea how to achieve our goal. Through a long but fruitful process, Aurora Digital team proved to be a trustworthy and skillful service provider & partner. With their guidance, they helped us to materialize our idea of the Finnish Passive House Association into a clean and appealing website, easy to navigate and to update. I am really happy with their work. We will continue to work with Aurora Digital team to develop other features of the website."
Sergio Rossi
Finnish Passive House Association

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