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A brand new marketplace for unlisted shares

Our story of how we built

Osaketori Logo
Osaketori case study

#Web Design
#Logo Design
#Web Development

Osaketori Chat icon

A brand new marketplace for unlisted shares

Our story of how we built

Osaketori Logo

the project

In late August 2018, Antti Parvivainen – an experienced investor and entrepreneur came to us with an interesting idea – a new type of marketplace for unlisted shares. Developed from his own difficulties in finding contact information of people who are interested in buying his shares, Antti wanted to build an online marketplace that facilitates the information exchange between sellers and buyers. This will be one of the first online platforms for unlisted shares that focuses on the Finnish market.

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The challenge

Building an online platform in the financial industry is very challenging in its nature. From the business side, we need to follow a strict set of financial regulations and from the development site, we need to develop a robust website which has a strong cyber-security system. Since similar platforms for unlisted stocks were not available online, many people would not be comfortable using our platform if it appears too complicated. Thus, the simplicity in design and a user-friendly UX with a clear pathway to navigate through the site are needed.

The result

On the security side, we needed to implement a strong identification method to make the website secured for users. After an extensive research, the Online Banking Identification Tupas was selected. Within 3 months, Aurora Digital delivered a complete solution that covers all aspects including Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development, Security and Deployment. Now, we are expanding our long-term partnership with extended management, continued support in marketing and web development.

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Osaketori is a brand which is truly about connecting people. It’s a brand-new unlisted stock marketplace for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.

As a new brand, we need to craft a unique identity which represents the personality of Osaketori and the values it stands for. Our challenges were to identify and clarify the brand, to let Osaketori expresses itself in the right way, to the right people.

There is one thing in common between Osaketori’s user groups: the love for innovation, for out-of-the-box thinking, for boldness and for the future. Holding this in mind, we designed the whole looks and feels of the website to make it align with our users. The futuristic theme is the center of our design for Osaketori. We placed illustrations with planets in space and a beautiful sky full of stars in the top-most position of the website. 

To present the brand message: “Osaketori helps to connect people together”, we create images of isolated people on isolated planets looking at the Osaketori platform to find the contacts of people in the other side of the world.

To humorize our brand image and to soften the well-known “boring” image of the finance industry, we injected fun graphics cleverly in our brand image. In doing so, we want to convey the friendliness of Osaketori service to its users.

And that’s might be why we are recognized as a top WordPress Website Design Company on DesignRush

Osaketori case study



Osaketori Logo Inspiration




Osaketori Logo

The iconic stock terminal combined with the word Osaketori creates a simple yet descriptive logo.



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Order System

Flexible order system which allows users to easily add new ads on the website in seconds

Osaketori Search example

Flexible Search

Search system that helps the users find what they’re looking for easier

User system

A fully fledged user system that allows users to register & create sales orders in a secured manner.

Secured by Tupas

The platform stays secured through the Finnish online banking identification service Tupas. All users who post offers or agree to fill orders will need to verify their real identities through Tupas.

Paytrail payment

The online payment system – Paytrail was added to support users to pay online with care and confidentiality. 

THe process



In our kickoff, we collected ideas, list of features & requirements from our customer. And from that point on, we created a detailed development plan for the project.

Design phase

We crafted a brand strategy and design direction for Osaketori. Extensive brand research and several brainstorming sessions were conducted. At the end f the design phase, we delivered two options for web design and two logo options.

Development Phase

The lean principle was applied throughout the development periods. We had several iterations of learn-build-measure which lasts for every 2 weeks.

Our CTO – Emil Östlin was the main product manager for our customer. He personally took the concept from idea to implementation.


The product launch is always an exciting moment. Like an army who is ready for a new battle, we stay next to our customer to react to any technical problems if they may arise.  After the launch, we continued with a guarantee period in which we committed to resolve any issues that comes up.

Continuous involvement

    After successfully delivered our project, Aurora Digital was selected to be the outsourced agency who will handle the future marketing and further development aspects of Osaketori.



Osaketori Logo

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