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Aurora Digital was trusted by Mediamarkup to create a fresh and bold identity to its brand-new landing page. Through many iterations and intensive brainstorming sessions, we came up with a trendy design that embraces the soul of the brand.

the project

In October 2018, Mark Redman – the founder of Mediamarkup came to us with an interesting project: Providing web design and custom illustrations for his website. MediaMarkup is a communication tool for approving and reviewing creative content online. It is particularly useful for graphic designers and digital agencies as it simplifies the traditional information exchange process by allowing various parties to view and comment on PDF, images and video files easily on the platform.

the challenge

Mediamarkup is a tech platform for creative minds, so one of the challenges that we faced initially was to find a design direction in which the “serious” identity of this tech platform can still be relatable with its targeted users group – graphic designers and digital agencies. Through several intensive brainstorming sessions with our client and within our team, we finally arrived at a design direction in which we position the website as a fresh, bold and unconventional brand.


At Aurora Digital, we are always looking for the next big things in web design. Certainly, custom graphic arts and illustrations are one of the biggest trends nowadays in web design that we obviously can’t miss. For abstract products and services like the one Mediamarkup provides, the power of illustrations can go beyond the visual language that no stock image can convey. We believe that carefully drafted illustrations can speak a lovely visual language, add characters and give a soul to the brand. With that in mind, most of our web design work have been involved with illustrations (Read the other design case here).

With the focal concept of helping designers to communicate their creative ideas through Mediamarkup, we created 2 custom illustrations for the brand: One displays a group discussion and another portrays a designer contemplating her ideas.
Having a fun mix of bright and contrasting colors, we want to bring a positive mood into the design. Additionally, through this mix of color, we can certainly relate the brand to the main target users of Mediamarkup – the bold, fun, unconventional thinkers and creative designers.

Woman sitting next to computer



Using wave elements in web design was a very prominent trend last year. To keep ourselves up to date with this trend, soft lines and curves were used quite a bit in the design of Mediamarkup. With this, we aim to convey a sense of motion and energy via our design. Additionally, by replacing hard lines with wavy lines, we bring a softer look to the transition between sections on the site. Above all, we want to position the website as bold, unconventional and different from its competitors.

Flat design with 3D components

In the design world, flat design is considered to be one of the most used and trendy one. With the use of flat design, we promote simple and user-friendly interfaces which use minimalistic elements such as flat icons and flat buttons. However, flat designs can be considered boring  and too simple by some experts. In order to prevent our design from this boredom, hover effect was used cleverly in some important flat buttons to make the CTA more popping out. We also use 3D elements such as shadows and blobs, along with a nice mix of stronger and lighter shades in colors to add depth in our design.


We provided 2 design alternatives to our client and went through several iterations until the final design is approved.

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