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About The Project

Mother nature is calling us to take action. Strong heat waves, threatening typhoons, dangerous flooding, ice melting, rising sea levels… These are all symptoms of a global disease – climate change. All of us – large corporations, medium businesses, small startups and individuals – need to take actions to stop the symptoms and cure the root causes, together. We must bring innovative solutions for the problems that are threatening to our mankind. This is exactly why, Avanto Ventures, Nordic Innovation and other partners joined together to create Loop Ventures – a global platform that creates and accelerates impact for the World’s Circular Economy. Aurora Digital is proud to be a part of this beautiful mission. In order to bring Loop Accelerator to life, we contributed to the mission by leveraging our technological knowledge to develop a digital appearance to the platform. Our goals in the project were to produce a responsive website that effectively communicates the brand to a large-scale of audiences.

“ Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.”

Ban Ki-moon


62.9% of the population worldwide is owning a mobile phone. This number is expected to increase even more in upcoming years. With that in mind, we helped Loop Ventures to fully discover the huge power of the growing audience using mobile phones by crafting a responsive, yet elegant appearance of the website for the mobile view. With us, all brands should shine on all types of devices.


Custom WordPress Theme

We know how frustrated it is for you to having asked the developers again and again for changing words on your website. That’s why, we built the entire website on top of WordPress Content Management System, which provides our client a user-friendly interface. 

Due to the complex and unique needs of the website, we had to extend the existing functionalities of WordPress to allow even more sophisticated settings. This helped us to convey the full visual design that our client requested.

Transparent Development

During this project we had weekly meetings with Avanto Ventures to discuss the development, consult on what can be done & to drink wine. 

During development Avanto Ventures had full insight into our project plan and were able to access our development servers for full transparency.

A dozen of emails were exchanged back and forth to express ideas and concerns after and during the project. We made sure that there was no time delay and all concerns were solved in a responsive manner. 

Guarantee Period, Training & Manual

To us, handing over a project doesn’t mean we end the relationship with our client. We engaged in a guarantee period when we ensure the high performance of the website.

At the end of the project our CTO – Emil Östlin held a 2-hour training session with Avanto Ventures where he explained to our client how to use Content Management System. With this training, our client will have the necessary knowledge to handle the changes in content later if needed.

Emil also wrote a detailed CMS manual, which we later integrate into the WordPress CMS to ensure that it’s accessible.

Dynamic Headers

Each article can have its own header to allow full customization.

Quotes With A Style

Quotes are important, sometimes you have an image and sometimes you don’t. That let us to develop a smart way to display the quote elegantly for both circumstances. 

Responsive Timetable

Sometimes resizing elements to fit on smaller screens just aren’t enough. For such occasions, it’s better to display the content in an alternative style more fitting for the mobile audience. 


"Working with Aurora Digital has been trouble-free and we reached exactly the results that we wanted. Aurora Digital is an agile partner that I would recommend warmly to everyone who needs a hand building a website from scratch"
Kaisa Savonius
Startup Analyst
Avanto Ventures

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