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We helped The F Company create mobile-ready webpages in 48 Hours


The F Company is an innovative, data-driven digital agency. They focus on helping companies grow through bold ideas and advanced marketing technology.

The F Company approached us to support e-Commerce development for one of their projects – Haikara Watches. It was an exciting opportunity, but tight deadlines presented many challenges to overcome.

The Haikara e-commerce website project was an incredibly complex project with a strictly tight deadline. At the time we were asked to join in the project, we had only three days to analyse the current situation and fully develop the missing parts of the project for the grand product launch day.

The e-Commerce website was built on WordPress using Woocommerce platform in which the front-end needs to be handled in HTML and CSS while back-end needs to be programmed in PHP. Additionally, the website was highly customized with many added functionalities, features, products and customized designs. A variety of watch faces collection and strap collection needs to be displayed nicely to catch audiences’ attention. The website does not only need to look innovative but also elegant in order to reflect the true value of Haikara unique watches. It also should have simple, yet impressive animations to bring a fresh and modern feel to any potential customer who visits the website.

In summary, this project brought with it four main difficulties:

  • Custom WordPress theme – Our partner was building a completely custom theme from scratch
  • Collaboration – Three split up teams working on existing code base (With no versioning system in place)
  • The website design was still in progress – that means very little time for us to analyse the design before we start coding.
  • Tight deadline with no time for preparation before joining the project – We need to quickly learn the current situation and current code to jump in quickly and deliver immediately..


With the website’s requirements in mind, we strived to help our partner to fully develop a custom-made WordPress woocommerce theme and to extend existing code base with missing pages to truly implement our client’s design.

We reached out to our network of partners and quickly identified two very capable developers who were able to take on this project. In order to get ourselves ready for the project, we decided to have an intensive learning section in which our CTO, CMO and developers joined together in order to access the current situation, outlining possible solution and come up with a detailed project management plan.

We then set up a shared project management board where all teams from three different countries could collaborate and see what was being worked on. During the project, our project team worked closely with our partner on the 24/7 basis to support extensively. After the initial sprint was completed, we moved the existing codebase over to a Github repo to reduce the chance of conflicting changes and increase the efficiency of our collaboration.


  • Within 48 hours, our project team were able to familiarize themselves with the existing code and deliver fully implemented mobile-ready pages for the big launch.
  • After the big launch, we continued extending our support to help our clients get the remaining pages of Haikara e-commerce website ready and free of bugs.
  • We established a strategic partnership with The F Company to handle their future projects.



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