4 Huge Advantages of React JavaScript in Software Development.

4 Huge Advantages of React JavaScript in Software Development.

In the ever-changing world of software technology, JavaScript is perhaps the most dynamic code language. On a daily basis, you are introduced to new frameworks and libraries with wide use cases and advantages. One popular framework that has already created a huge amount of buzz due to its impressive and user-friendly features, i.e. React JavaScript.

What is React JavaScript?

React JavaScript or React JS is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook, Instagram, and a community of independent developers. React is a simple, fast, and painless way to create interactive user-interfaces (UIs). And with its sister library React Native, it has expanded the horizon of mobile application development with features like real-time updates, different rendering targets like iOS, Android, and many more.

What can you expect from React JS? How is it a better platform for web app development compared to the others? Why should you choose React over any other platform for your next project?

Let’s find our answers below. Following are the advantages of using React JS:

1. SEO-Friendly Interface

One of the biggest issues with the former JavaScript frameworks is their incompatibility to work with search engines and thus, also making applications not SEO friendly. React JS has revolutionized the SEO-friendliness and opens up the door to create SEO friendly applications which can be searched on different search engines.

2. Awesome Development Tools

After installing React JS extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, debugging process for your applications get so much easier and convenient. By looking directly into the virtual DOM, you can inspect the component hierarchy which gives you an more accessible view on how your code is compiled. Which helps you save your precious time.

3. Huge JavaScript Library

Without restricting you to limited templates, patterns or complex architecture, you can create the application the way you have visualised it by using extensive Javascript libraries. It equips  developers to experiment and play with their imagination. And with the increased popularity of React more and more Javascript libraries are made exclusively for the React framework

4. Scalability

You start with small components to build bigger systems! React is based on logical components controlling their own rendering. These components can be reused whenever you need them making your apps easier to develop and maintain.

Already a huge hit in the market, React JS is used by large companies like Netflix, DropBox, IMDb, PayPal, Tesla Motors, and, of course, Facebook. To support its robust and flexible ecosystem, there are various tools available for developers along with Facebook parentage.

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