4 essential tips for logo design project

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We all know how essential it is to make the first strong impression on people around us. In business, that strong impression can be created by the look and feel of your business appearance: how professional your logo looks, how impressive your website is, how attractive your packaging is and the like.

A logo is the face of a business and when it is being designed professionally, it makes your company stands out from the rest of the competitors in the market. A logo shall hold the value and the credibility of your business in order to create the first and lasting positive impact on your target audience. It is one of your business signatures and it should follow your business for its whole time of existence. That is why you as a business owner would definitely not want to pay 20 bucks for their neighbor’s kid, or 50 bucks to hire some random guys on the Internet and hope he will draw something overnight. Instead, it is highly recommended to seriously take into account hiring a professional to design it since it is a long-term investment for a business.

In this article, I will share with you four helpful tips that I always take into account when designing a logo for our clients to ensure a remarkable result.

1. Learn our client’s preferences

If you work in the design field, you would understand how hard it is to produce something that clients love, not what they need. Learning our client’s preferences is a proven technique that helps us do the trick. Additionally, it increases our efficiency, productivity and helps our customer save unnecessary wasted time.

To learn their preferences, we always collect as much information as possible from our client to understand what they are expecting for. For example, what logo style that they want – a letter mark? word mark? pictorial mark? abstract mark? a logo with a mascot? – an emblem logo? or a combination? Then what their preferred style for the logo – vintage? minimal? flat? – skeuomorphic – Scandinavian? – or a combination of all of that? Maybe they already have a particular color or font in mind that they wish to use for the logo.

It is essential to communicate with our customers and get all the information so that we can design a logo that fits their needs and their personal style the most. If they seem to be unsure with what they want, we then ask them to show us some examples of their favorite designs to catch their taste.

2. Know our client

Moreover, to deliver the best message of a business through a logo, it is really important to have a deep knowledge of the business and its environment. Thus, I often keep this question in mind “What are the key messages of the business that the logo needs to convey?”

When looking at your logo, audiences have to easily grab the sense of what your business is about, its difference to the competitors, and its point of view. To make it more efficiently, we tightly collaborate with our client to onboard them in this process. Our clients will be asked to provide us with necessary information about their businesses, such as its products, values, targeted audiences, and the industry that it is in. At the start of every design project, we also ask our client to fill in some questionnaire, thus get a clearer picture of their requirements and expectations, such as a list of adjectives that they would use to describe their brand, what they want their audiences to feel when they look at the logo, how they differentiate themselves from other existing business in the same field etc.

Let’s take our logo as an example. To capture our business values, we use an A to represent the A quality in every product we make. The A in our logo resembles a mountain which sends out the message of our ambition: Stand tall and being the best in whatever we do.

3. Learn from the competitor

It is never a waste of time to get to know more about the competitors of your client. From looking at their logo, we can learn about what is working, what is not, what is the popular trend in the business, what might be their taste for the logo (well, you know people with the same background often share some similarities and that might apply to their taste for arts). It is one of the sources for inspiration for the design work, but definitely not to copy. Most importantly, we figure out that when we study the existing one out there, we find our way to be unique, or in other words, to create a logo that makes the audiences recognize the business with only a short glance, as it leaves a remarkable impression in their memory.

4. Put ourselves into the audiences’ view

Let’s be straight: there are two main targets who we are working for in a design job, one is our client, and the other is their clients. I can’t say whose view is important than whose. I guess our job is to find the middle way, a design that makes our client happy while taking care of the main audience – their customers – because they are the one that our product – the logo – serves. They are the one who will look at the logo, to grab a strong positive impression or be able to quickly recall the company of our client – which is exactly what our client is hoping for and what we should achieve.

So, put ourselves in their shoes and think about the logo as if we are one of them and clarify those characteristics of the logo that we believe our client’s customers might value. For example, what would draw their attention, what would give them a reliable feeling? or actually what would make them feel attached to the brand?

Again, that is why we always carefully collect the related information about our client’s target audience, such as their gender, age, professionals, nationalities, religion, etc. Understanding our client’s customers is the way for us to understand our product, what it needs and what it should be when we sketch out a logo design that fulfills the expectation of the client and even touches the point that our client might miss.

To sum up, all of these tips might take a lot of time but, need to be done delicately. I believe they will help us to avoid spending hours coming up with logo design options and when we excitedly hand it over to your client and he/she says that they are not happy with either of them. Above that, we always put yourself in the client’s position as they only use what makes you feel happy, comfortable and proud of. Meanwhile, for the purchase that they are upset about, they will just want to get rid of it as soon as possible or dump it in the deepest place for the sake of out of their sight and mind. We certainly do not want that to happen for our design or to fail our customers’ trust in us.

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Thao Le

Thao Le

Thao Le is the COO & Partner at Aurora Digital.

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